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    Athens Gentlemen Barbershop is a rare place for downtown Athens. The moment you walk in, there is laughter and talk, sometimes too loud, but always in good intention. Kostas, the owner, together with the unbeatable duo, Nikos and Stathis, form a spirit-raising team, that gets to you the more time you spend in their shop. It truly is a place where they take care of both your style and soul. The space itself is clean and modern, with a touch of old fashioned decorations on its walls. Situated in the center of Athens, it distinguishes itself from the noise and anxiety that is being generated around. An oasis in the desert. Let Athens Gentlemen Barbershop embrace you and leave with a smile on your face, and a fire in your heart, ready for the day!

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    These three will not stop, until you are satisfied. Don't be afraid to come in with the most ridiculous requests, for either hair or beard. They will accept the challenge, dive in and you will be amazed. Come meet them!

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